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About The Trillium Awards…
In 2016 the City of Hamilton celebrated their 60th Anniversary of the Trillium Awards. It is a wonderful accomplishment to maintain such a long standing tradition – a tradition that represents pride for both the City of Hamilton and its residents. And it is a tradition that continues on.

Maintaining an exterior standard of excellence by both homeowners and businesses, the outstanding level of beautification to our city can be enjoyed by everyone. And anyone that has received a residential or commercial Civic Beautification Award or Award of Excellence can attest that it is an exceptional honour. Often winners of Trillium Awards spend time creating and maintaining their properties with a passion only he or she understands and many will humbly admit that it is a pleasure to know that others enjoy their efforts as well.

Within the Greater City of Hamilton the Residential Trillium Awards are divided into three categories. The White Trillium is Level One and the Pink Trillium is Level Two while the ultimate sought after prize, Level Three, is the coveted Red Trillium which is awarded to only one residential property each year.

What most homeowners do not realize is that for decades every home was judged for the White Trillium in Level One. Hundreds of volunteers spent time and energy each Summer looking for those perfect properties that typify beautification and outstanding maintenance. The categories below briefly summarize the Hamilton Civic Beautification Awards.

Two White Trilliums are awarded for each zone within the Greater City of Hamilton. One property is then nominated for the next stage…the opportunity to win a Pink Trillium.
One Pink Trillium is awarded for each Ward which is the combined group of zones within each particular ward in the city. Pink Winners move forward to the final judging category.

The Red Trillium is awarded to one of the ‘Pink’ Winners. The qualifying properties are judged by a panel of selected professionals in the field and the previous year’s winner.

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