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The decision to design and install new landscaping can be daunting and many homeowners are at a loss when the time comes. However, with the proper research and the correct professional direction, landscape planning should no longer be a fearful process. It should be viewed as the first step in an exciting venture toward a wonderful new outdoor lifestyle to be enjoyed to the fullest for many years to come.

Q: Why Do I Need A Landscape Design Plan?

A: The development of a good, professional design plan is paramount to the success of a well balanced hard and soft landscape. Properly scaled and appropriately detailed, the plan provides the blueprint for the installation crews or the do-it-yourself person.

Q: How Do I Find The Right Designer For Me?

A: Finding the right designer that will work for and with you in harmony to a common goal is an important task. Referrals are a key factor as well as finding businesses that belong to industry related professional associations. A successful meeting of the minds between a homeowner and the designer generally leads to a successful project. Ask questions, review portfolios, visit projects. The proof is in the information you research.

Q: How Do I Know If The Designer Will Listen To My Needs and Plan What I Want?

A: The unknown – especially to a novice gardener – can lead to concerns and trepidation. A first interview with a designer should provide a sense of ease. If it does not, move on to the next. This is your home and you have to live with it, in and outside. Simply ask, ‘Will you listen to me?’

Q: I Have Heard That Plans Can Be Expensive…How Much Does A Plan Cost?

A: Design plans vary from company to company and each has their own fee structure. The cost of a plan, although important, should not be the deciding factor in choosing to have a design created or not. As design plan details can range from very simplistic to incredibly comprehensive, the importance should be placed
on the ability of the designer to work with you to a common goal. Design fees are only a small portion of the whole homeowner package yet design plans are key to a successful project. A simple sketch scratched out with no measurements; scale or little thought is not likely to lead to a successful outcome.

Q: Can’t I just save the cost of a plan and put the money toward the plants or materials myself?

A: Yes you can. However a good professional designer could save you a great amount of money, time and frustration on your repeat quests to create a good landscape, especially for the novice. Having to replace plants and other materials time and again can lead to much higher costs in the end.

Q: Can I Just Get A Plan And Do The Work Myself?

A: Absolutely. A well designed plan should be easily understood and for the homeowner with great skills and a desire to be hands-on, the installation can be fun and rewarding. However, it is important to realize that a task may be beyond your capability and might be best left to the professionals. As you begin this journey you will soon understand that knowledge and experience go a long way on the road to a successful landscape project.

Q: I Want To Start My Construction In The Spring…Should I Wait Until Then To Contact A Designer?

A: The answer is simply…no. You run the risk of companies being booked entirely for the spring season or for the entire year. Both the designer and contractor need time to organize and structure their projects from year to year. A good design takes time so give a good designer time.

Q: When Can I Get Started?

A: The answer is…NOW. The designers at Landscaping With Style would be happy to work with you on your landscape design plans. Please feel free to complete our information form and we will contact you.

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