Our Personalized Plans Design Process ...
The Design Process described here is based on Fully Detailed, Personalized Design Plan Contracts Only. For Pre-Designed Plans please call our office to discuss if Pre-Designed Plans are suitable for your design requirements-See Pre-Designed Plans.

Step 1… All survey details provided by the client are entered into a personal file and a drawing is taken on site where information is carefully gathered and recorded including elevations; all pertinent measurements and any existing elements.
Step 2… Back at the office, the information is evaluated and input begins. All recorded measure-ments are now added to the initial layout along with notes detailing all elevations; existing soft and hard materials that will stay within the design.
Step 3…
Our LWS designer meets the client at their site to discuss their property layout; wishes; needs; preference to style of landscaping; materials and the initial plant selection. Elevations; grades; colours; form are detailed during this time.
Step 4…
At the office our team reviews the information and details of the initial layout. Structures, surfaces and garden lines are drawn to appropriate scale. At this time the initial planting plan begins and the preliminary design is developed.
Step 5… The scaled preliminary ‘hard surface and garden line design’ exclusive of the planting plan is now forwarded to the client by fax for review and approval. At this time the client indicates any required element adjustments and returns the plan.
Step 6… Upon completion of changes the client visits the LWS office to review the final preliminary plan. At that time revisions are made if necessary to complete the final plan. Discussions regarding installation requirements are welcome at that time.
Step 7… The final revisions & labeling are completed at the LWS office. Elevation details are added to assist the client. The final design plan is then plotted for review. A hand coloured copy can be provided to the client at an additional service fee.
Step 8… The client returns to the LWS office to discuss & collect the completed B&W design plan. (Based on the individual contract, the plan may be delivered to the client) Additional questions by clients are welcomed at that time regarding the final plan.
Also Available
Landscaping & Design Consultation

Perfect for the budget conscious or for those requiring general information on property maintenance; garden revisions or less detailed design requirements. Consultation services may be provided through written notations or a simplified hand sketch.

Please note that design consultations are not suitable for all landscape planning needs or requests. Call our office to discuss with our designer. Once we establish the scope of the project we will advise you if this option is appropriate for your individual needs.

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