‘Artscapes’ Series Artist Sherry Hayes

Artist’s Statement…
Art has been part of my life since early childhood. As I was born and raised in the country, it was easy to draw my inspiration from Nature. Self-taught, I have taken the time to examine the beauty of Nature. Over the years I ventured into wildlife paintings, specializing in wildlife vignettes.
In further exploration, I began college courses in landscape design. Growing up on a farm with a father in construction and having my own love of Nature, it was the right choice. In 1994 I took the plunge and began my landscape design business. Creating landscape design plans for my clients became my ‘new art form’.
Over the past eighteen years the desire to paint was overwhelming and so, once again I have picked up my brushes. I have since completed several wildlife paintings. I am drawn to the purity of my subject and often choose to paint in vignette-style on a pure white background. A visitor to a recent art exhibition expressed to me that my paintings allow the viewer to –‘Look past all of the normal clutter and just focus on the true subject’. I was truly honoured. It was a simple yet powerful statement of my style.
I am pleased that many of my pieces were chosen to be part of Juried Art Exhibits. I will continue my journey and explore what the canvas holds for me with inspiration from the splendor of all that surrounds us.
My hope is that everyone will enjoy the Beauty of Nature as I see it and translate it through my art.

Designer’s Statement…
As a landscape designer I have worked hard to capture the essence of my client’s individual outdoor wishes and dreams. With my design knowledge and artistic background, I have created personalized design plans for hundreds of happy homeowners since opening my design business in 1996.
As an artist with an interest in photography, I have combined these skills into one unique art form. My exclusive ‘Photo-Painting’ On Canvas is now part of my
Artscapes By Sherry Hayes Series. Through a technique that I developed I bring photography and art to life on canvas. When personalized, it is the perfect way to capture a special moment; place or subject in an extraordinary form.
For those searching for unusual or personalized art, my hope is to create works that intrigue and stimulate senses. At an art exhibition I watched the inquisitive looks from visitors as they challenged each other ~ ‘Is it an painting?’ …’Is it a photograph?’… Artscapes begs the question…
I look forward to creating Artscapes ‘Photo-Painting’ On Canvas for those who treasure that special memory and wish to capture it through my unique style..

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